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Victoria Arduino Mythos 1

All espresso grinders are good at one thing – crushing coffee beans. Those that excel though give greater control over grind profile, consistency of dosing and unnecessary wastage. In order to control these parameters, Victoria Arduino worked alongside a team of barista champions to find out what they wanted in an espresso grinder and how they could achieve it.


The Victoria Arduino Mythos 1 was born out of a desire to give greater control over the consistency of coffee, both in terms of grind profile and coffee dose. By adding a controlled amount of heat to the burr chamber, the Mythos One can be brought up to operating temperature quickly and held there throughout the day to the demands of a busy cafe.

Add to this the unique Clump Crusher system which helps to provide fluffier grinds, and the Victoria Arduino Mythos 1 is an incredibly accurate espresso grinder capable of providing consistent dosing and minimal wastage.

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Dimensions: WxHxD 185 x 510 x 400 mm
Power: 800 W
Voltage: 230 V 50-60Hz
Bean Hopper Capacity: 1.3 kg
Grinding Adjustment: Micrometric
Productivity: (Kg/h) 12 kg
Burrs: 75 mm titanium
Gross Weight: 25 kg
Net Weight: 22 kg